Federal Budget Consultations in Windsor Puts Auto Industry Front and Centre


A federal minister paid a visit to Windsor to get some input for the upcoming federal budget — and protecting the auto industry came out front and centre.

Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance Mona Fortier met with local stakeholders at the United Way office on Giles Blvd. on Tuesday as part of what she called a "listening exercise."

She says there are four themes for the consultations; strengthening the middle class, how to protect the environment, how to keep Canadians safe and health and how to reconcile with Indigenous peoples.

But Fortier says in Windsor some new issues were raised such as protecting the auto sector and defining an auto strategy along with introducing single sports betting.

"How do we continue to protect the auto industry and to continue at the same time to diversify the economy and also protect the environment," she says.

Fortier also pointed out that the consultation is about getting input to bring back to Ottawa.

"What the exercise is today is to listen to different opportunities and what they are bringing and I think that clear message that I had from stakeholders is to define an auto strategy," she says.

Minister Fortier says protecting the auto industry was a main concern for stakeholders in Windsor-Essex.

 No date has been set for the upcoming federal budget — the first under the minority Liberal government.