Federal NDP Leader Makes a Stop in Windsor


The leader of the federal New Democratic Party is calling for a National Auto Strategy.

Jagmeet Singh made those remarks on Thursday in Windsor.

He was along side Windsor West MP Brian Masse.

The two of them are meeting with local Unifor presidents.

Singh says the strategy would bring together government, industry and labour to support and create jobs.

He believes there is hope for the industry.

"If we make the right choices, we make the right investments and we have the right strategy, we could see a return to a robust automotive sector here in Windsor and manufacturing across Canada," says Singh.  "It's all a matter choices and right now we're imploring the federal government, Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government to make the right choice, invest in people."

He feels the Liberal government needs to make the strategy a priority.

"We want to see the government move quickly, make this a priority, launch a national strategy and have a proactive approach to creating jobs, to fighting for a product, tying some investments into job creation, these can be done," says Singh.  "These are decisions we've seen the government take in the past.  We've seen them very quickly when it's a priority again."           

Unifor Local 444 and other locals have been pushing for a National Auto Strategy for a number of years.

The push comes again after Fiat Chrysler announced last week, it would be cancelling the third shift at the Windsor Assembly Plant at the end of June putting 1,500 employees out of work.