Feds Propose Vaccine Requirements if Canada-U.S. Border Reopens


Choosing to skip the COVID-19 vaccine could be problematic for those who wish to travel if the Canada-U.S. border reopens on June 21.

According to a proposed system created by an expert advisory panel, Canadians who return from abroad would be divided into four categories: fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, unvaccinated and exempt.

Anyone who has proof they received one dose of the vaccine would require a negative test within 72-hours of their departure, a negative PCR test when they return and must quarantine at home until they receive a second negative test in seven days.

Unvaccinated travellers would have the same requirement with an automatic 14-day quarantine upon returning to Canada unless they're exempt from border restrictions.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj says only fully vaccinated Canadian's would be able to return home without a quarantine if they pass a PCR test at the border.

"It's not set in stone right now, but everything is leading towards the need to be, at a minimum, partially vaccinated but most likely fully vaccinated to allow for easy travel there or coming home," he says.

Musyj says those hesitating on the vaccine who think they won't need it will likely be in for a surprise.

"They make their decision for whatever reason, but if they want to travel somewhere outside the province and out of Canada, they're probably going to need it," he says.

Musyj says a commitment to discuss a vaccine passport at the upcoming G7 Summit means G7 countries, including Canada, are taking the idea seriously.

"When a prime minister like Boris Johnson mentions he wants an agreement audited on vaccine passport and our government issues a statement saying, yup, we need to have that discussion and have it now," he added.

The proposed plan would require proof vaccination such as a receipt issued by government officials — Ontario residents can receive a copy online if they've misplaced their receipt.

Changes to vaccination status would only take effect 14-days from the date of receiving a dose.

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