Fewer Amherstburg Police Officers Than Expected Taking Severance


When Windsor takes over policing in Amherstburg, three current members of the Amherstburg Police Service will call it a career.

Two officers and a civilian employee have agreed to a severance package of four weeks pay for each year of service.

Amherstburg Police Association President Sean McCurdy says they've had over a month to make the decision.

"Back on October 17, the association and the {Amherstburg} police services board went to arbitration and received a ruling that severance is applicable," he said. "So the board and association have come to an agreement on that and we have members who have selected to accept that severance package."

It was expected five officers would accept a severance package.

The remaining town officers will become members of the Windsor Police Service as of January 1. 

McCurdy says the merger is coming together.

"It's starting to move a lot quicker now, now that things are falling into place and, yeah, we're starting to get things in line for our transition in the new year," he said.

The biggest difference between the services is the RMS or Reporting Management System, the computer terminal in the cruiser, according to McCurdy. But notes the officers are familiar with the basics of policing.

"That aspect of it won't change, it's mostly going to be with the different policies and procedures and mainly the RMS system," he said. "Windsor is on a different RMS system than we are so that training has to take place but all our use of force, all our in service training, we have already done with Windsor for a number of years so that will remain the same."