Final Approval Needed for Fontainebleu Splash Pad


Residents in the Fontainebleu area may soon be getting a splash pad.

Council will be asked to approve the $400,000 project at a special council meeting on Monday.

Councillor Gary Kaschak represents the ward and says it's the final approval needed before the project can move forward.

Kaschak says the item is on the consent agenda and doesn't expect any issues.

"This is a terrific improvement to the area," says Kaschak.  "The Fontainebleu and ward 8 area all in general has never had any type of water amenity so it's a great improvement to the ward and to the park system for sure."   

He says the splash pad will be located at Fontainebleau Park.

"It's tucked in between two grade schools and very very highly dense community with lots of adults and children living nearby," he says. 

Kaschak believes the ward needs a splash pad.

"It's exciting because it's been a bit of an under serviced area with no community centre, no water amenity, no water feature, certainly no swimming pool, no arena and what not," says Kaschak.  "So the residents are really looking forward to this."    

Kaschak is contributing $200,000 of his ward funds towards the project.

Earlier this year, the city asked residents to provide ideas and feedback for the project.

If approved, construction is expected to start later this year, with the splash pad up and running next summer.