Final Day of CAMPP Appeal Taking Place Thursday


A three-day Local Planning Appeal Tribunal looking at the proposed location of a new regional acute care centre wraps up Thursday in Windsor.

Citizens for An Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process, also known as CAMPP, is opposed to the proposed site for the new hospital at County Rd. 42 and the Ninth Concession.

On day two, the lawyers for the city of Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital made their submissions.

City lawyer Peter Gross made it clear it's the responsibility of CAMPP to prove their case and he told the tribunal 'they have not done so.'

Gross pointed out there were three city planners and two hired by the hospital, who say the Official Planning Amendment and zoning meet planning principles.

Hospital lawyer Mary Bull responded to the demographic information CAMPP relied on for its case.

She says their interpretation shows a lack of understanding of the numbers and the planning legislation.

Both lawyers appealed to the adjudicator, Scott Tousaw, to dismiss the appeal.

CAMPP will have an opportunity Thursday to respond to the submissions from the city and hospital.

It's expected the adjudicator will reserve a decision to be released at a future date.