Finland, Sweden inch closer to seeking NATO membership

Melanie Joly in front of Canadian flag

BRUSSELS - Canada says it supports plans from Finland and Sweden to join NATO amid Russia's war in Ukraine.

Speaking in Brussels ahead of meeting with the European Union's top diplomat Josep Borrell, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly says Canada is in favour of a "quick accession'' for both countries.

She says the goal is to be among the first countries to be able to ratify the accession of Sweden and Finland.

In the past, that process has taken eight months to a year.

Given the security crisis sparked by the war and the potential threat to Finland and Sweden, NATO countries are keen to move fast if the pair of nations officially apply, which they have not done yet.

When asked whether Canada would be in favour of Ukraine's joining the military alliance, Joly responded Canada supports an "open-door policy.''

But she stopped short of endorsing such a move, which is unrealistic at this stage since it would require allies to intervene military in the war-torn country.