Fire Dispatching Services to be Discussed in Essex


The Town of Essex and the City of Windsor are looking to make it official.

Monday evening Essex council will be asked to approve a document allowing the city to continue to provide fire dispatching services to the town.

Chief Rick Arnel says the city has been providing the service for a number of years but a formal agreement was never in place.

He says both parties felt an official document was needed.

"Both Windsor and the Town of Essex, we both believed that it was time that we actually had an agreement that shows the consistency of the service provided,' 

He adds there is no financial impact to the town with the official document.

"The agreement is per person," says Arnel.  "It's an amount per person for the municipality so it's all done on population."  


Essex Fire truck (Photo courtesy of Essex Fire and Rescue via Twitter)

Arnel says it's been a great partnership between both municipalities.

"We're very happy with the service provided by Windsor fire and we just want to ensure that, that continues for years to come," says Arnel.

According to a report that will go before council, Windsor Fire and Rescue has provided fire dispatch services throughout the Town of Essex since the late 1960's.

It also states the city provides dispatching services to other local municipalities.

The new agreement, if approved, goes into effect on January 1st, 2020.

If the city or Essex wants to terminate the agreement, six months notice must be given.