Firework Sales Steady Heading into Canada Day says Shop Owner


Even without many of the big shows to supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic, K and H Fireworks Distributing is doing okay.

Owner Vic Anber says people are spending anywhere from $100 to $2,000 for home fireworks displays heading into Canada Day.

He says the price ranges because some people are shopping for their family, others, their whole neighbourhood so they can all watch from the porch.

There have been challenges, but Anber says things are going smoothly at his shop on County Road 42 in Tecumseh.

"You wouldn't know there wasn't 45 displays the next two days that we have to do, so we're just running around trying to keep up," he says. "It's a little more difficult because of the amount of people you can allow in the store at one time but people are being very patient."

Anber says safety starts from the point of sale, so people don't walk out of K and H with a one size fits all package.

"We don't want you to buy just anything to fire in your back yard. We like to make sure your backyard is big enough to handle what your buying," says Anber. "If your yard is 30 ft. wide and you're going across 110 ft., your neighbours aren't going to appreciate it."

If you're lighting the show, Anber says be careful what you wear.

"It doesn't hurt to wear safety glasses. It doesn't hurt to wear a ball cap and denim clothing because the cotton isn't synthetic and it won't stick to your skin if it burns," he says. "You don't want to wear polyester because when it burns it sticks to you."

Anber says the biggest rules to remember are don't drink if you're setting off the fireworks and have a hose ready.

Above all, he says read the instructions provided for handling the explosives and safe distancing for those lighting the fireworks and enjoying them.