Fishing Concerns at Kings Navy Yard Park in Amherstburg

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A expanded fishing area at Kings Navy Yard Park in Amherstburg was well utilized this summer but there were some concerns and complaints.

Councillor Don McArthur says the town heard from residents who were not happy to see anglers gutting fish at the park and leaving hooks on the grass.

He says residents also voiced concerns about some anglers using the park's bushes to relieve themselves instead of using a portable toilet at the park or the park's restrooms.

"Before we did this administration sort of warned us against it and said 'look people come in the park and there's hooks in the grass, they urinate in the bushes, this and that,' so they were doing it anyway, says McArthur. "So they did it again when we had fencing up."


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McArthur says it was the first year the town placed temporary fencing (300 feet) at the park for anglers.

"This year we said let's expand it, put up fencing that might solve some of those problems and in addition it might bring more tourists into town and it will be a positive economic impact," says McArthur.  "We surveyed the businesses after this and there was really no appreciable positive economic impact that they could point to."

McArthur says moving forward he would like to see more fishing derby's at the park.

"Our downtown business owners they say they have a real tough time getting people into Amherstburg on a Tuesday night, on a Wednesday night so maybe we could do that if we had more fishing derby's," says McArthur.  "You could close the park down for short periods of time, that solves the people getting hooked, this and that and it would bring people downtown especially locals so they can their waterfront, there's a really pressing need for that in this town."

 McArthur says the town was trying to attract more tourists to the area.

The cost of the program was about $2,800.

Council will discuss the issue in March to see if the program will continue in the summer of 2020.