Flood Warning Issued Along the Thames River in Chatham


Areas of Chatham-Kent are preparing for flooding after more than 55mm of rain fell over the region Saturday.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority issued a flood warning Sunday as the Thames River spilled over its banks just outside Chatham.

According to the authority the Rivard Dam in Chatham-Kent was closed late Saturday night to allow for full operation of the Indian-McGregor Creek Diversion Channel. Motorists should prepare for possible bridge closures in Elgin and Middlesex Counties due to high waters.

The Sixth Street Dam and Pump Station in Chatham are expected to be used to prevent the Thames from flooding the south side of Chatham, but the authority says basement flooding of businesses along King Street in downtown Chatham is expected.

Simcoe Lane, Siskind Court, the south side of Thames Street, and Thames Grove Conservation Area is also likely to flood, according to the release. Thamesville and Lighthouse Cove are not expected to to be effected.

The river is currently set to peak Monday afternoon in Dutton, Wednesday morning in Thamesville, and late Wednesday night in Chatham.

According to the conservation authority, high water levels will continue throughout the week, so the flood warning will remain in effect until Thursday.

The public should take extra caution and avoid the river, ditches, and streams. The combination of slippery banks and fast moving cold water can be dangerous. Standing water can also present unseen hazards. Children and animals should be kept away from the water.