Flood Warning Issued in Chatham-Kent


A flood warning has been issued in Chatham-Kent. 

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority says heavy rain last weekend has caused flooding on the Thames River for a third winter in a row. 

The Sixth Street Dam and a pumping station will be in operation Tuesday afternoon to prevent flooding on the south side of Chatham. 

Business along King St. are asked to be prepared for water in their basements with flooding is not expected in Lighthouse Cove unless winds pick up.

Residents and businesses with properties that back onto watercourses and the Thames River should secure their properties and remove any items that could be damaged or become floating debris.

The Conservation Authority says peak flows are expected to reach Chatham late Wednesday or Thursday morning. 

High water levels on Lake St. Clair are also having an impact with levels in Chatham expected to rise another 50cm to 1 metre which could be similar to flooding in 1982.

The flood warning is in effect until Friday.