Flooding Closes LaSalle's Outdoor Pool


Record high water levels on the Detroit River and flooding are causing more problems in LaSalle

The town has been forced to close its outdoor pool on Front Rd. at Laurier Dr.

The closure will take place Wednesday and Thursday with all classes and programming cancelled until further notice.

Director of Culture and Recreation Julie Columbus says town officials will reassess the situation on Thursday.

"The fluctuating water levels are effecting access on Front Rd. So as the roads are being closed and re-opened, we are addressing that internally with our operations and our programs that are happening at Front Rd, that includes the outdoor pool," she says.

On Sunday, flooding closed Front Rd. in the town.

Columbus says access to the pool is the main issue.

"We're trying to avoid transportation issues. We're trying to avoid parking concerns. The water is fluctuating constantly. Daily it's being assessed," she says. "So we're trying to avoid people getting to the pool and then having to react to a road closure and then how do they get out?"

Columbus says residents wanting to use the pool should be keeping an eye on the town's website and social media accounts for any updates.

While Front Rd. has reopened to traffic, the town is reminding residents to drive with caution as water levels may fluctuate with shifting winds.