Food vendors could return to Windsor's Sandpoint Beach

AM800-News-Sandpoint Beach

Windsor's Sandpoint Beach is one step closer to having food options return to the sand.

The city's Community Service Standing Committee has approved mobile vendor opportunities at the beach.

Sandpoint Beach, located at the intersection of Florence Avenue and Riverside Drive East, is a 5-acre park site that is comprised of east and west sand beach areas, Ganatchio Park and Stop 26 Park.

According to a city report, the beach area attendance, including both visitors to the sand and the water, averages over 30,000 people per season, or approximately 375 people per day.

Borden Yewchyn, owner of Big Daddy Food Service, has been operating a hot dog stand in an area near the beach since 1991 and thinks this move will improve safety.

If the measure receives final approval, he could be allowed to move his hot dog stand back to the beach side.

Yewchyn says it is a very busy intersection in the area in front of the beach and being on the other side of the intersection will improve safety.

"It's going to give a sense of safety and security to parents of young people, for example. People who may be a little bit disabled in their mobility, they won't have to worry about trying to traverse across during a limited amount of time in their world," he says.

Yewchyn adds Sandpoint Beach is such a great place for people to relax and this decision will prevent people from going back-and-forth across the street when they're already on the beach.

The concession stand at the beach has been closed for over 20 years with users now bringing their own snacks or accessing other food options nearby.

Benches and picnic tables along with garbage and recycling receptacles are available for picnic users.

Opportunities for food and refreshments are available nearby at Stop 26 Ice Cream and More, Harbour House Waterfront Eatery, Armando’s Pizza, and the Riverside Sportsmen Club.

The measure still needs final approval from city council.