Former Amherstburg Police Board Chair Speaks Out


The former chair of the Amherstburg Police Service Board is firing a letter off to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission appealing the decision for Windsor to take over policing services in Amherstburg.

Frank Cleminson says the decision should have happened after the OCPC finished its investigation into the Windsor Police Service. 

Between January and April of this year the OCPC says it received complaints from members of Windsor Police Service that raised serious concerns about the workplace environment, the administration, and the oversight provided by the Windsor Police Services Board.

"I thought maybe with the issues outstanding in Windsor right now with the ministry is looking at, they might of but it in abeyance and taken a break from it until they got their issues in house cleaned up as well," says Cleminson. "Very disappointed, I'm going to be sending a letter off trying to appeal this decision, anyway shape or form. What those councillors that supported this, the mayor have done, it's awful."      

He says the community needs to support its officers.

"As you can understand now it's trying to make sure the officers are taken care of, making sure they have a good mind set," says Cleminson.  "It's a tough job for them. 

The contract between Windsor and Amherstburg is for 20-years and the switch should come early in 2019. Mayor Aldo DiCarlo has said the town could save an estimated $18-million over the life of the agreement.