Former DWBIA Building to be Expanded for Residential Use


The addition of up to 10 residential units and two commercial spaces on Pelissier near Park Street is the latest in an influx in investment in a stretch of downtown that's seeing a revitalization.

Just south of the project, an expansion of the former YMCA building was approved for grants to add new residential units under the Downtown Windsor Community Improvement Plan.

Now Dan Crosby with Coachwood Capital plans to renovate the building that once housed the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association over the next six months.

"We do have plans for a third floor on that building, but we're going to try and go as high as we can within reason," he says. "We're going to see if we can get some residential density in that building."

Crosby is excited to be apart of a growing residential base on Pelissier Street.

"I've been apart of downtown for awhile, I worked down there for six years and it's exciting to be apart of what's going on down there now," he added.

He plans to tap into some grant money once plans are complete.

"I believe there's a grant for $5,000 per residential unit and they were going to cover up to 50 per cent of $30,000 for a front facade, so I'm absolutely going to go after that for sure," he says. 

Crosby hopes to add three additional floors to the building, but that will be subject to planning approval by the city.