Former Fox Glen Golf Course to be known as Coachwood Golf and Country Club


The former Fox Glen Golf Course has been rebranded and is set to open its doors under the new banner on Monday, April 4.

It'll now be known as Coachwood Golf and Country Club after it was purchased by Dan Crosby and his group of companies back in January, with the vision of improving the golf course and major renovations to the clubhouse.

Crosby joined AM800's The Morning Drive on Thursday to talk about it, and says the work so far has been mostly focused on the banquet space at the club.

"It hasn't been touched in probably 40 or 50 years. We're bringing in a new modernized farmhouse feel to that space. The clubhouse or restaurant has already been renovated in the last few years, so we're going to touch a few things up and then start working our way outside," he said.

He says with the renovations they'll be looking to host events in the future, and not just golf related.

"Tournaments, any kind of events, especially weddings. I mean in the event industry right now wedding's are booking up until even 2025, people are getting married on Fridays and Sundays. It's going to be very modernized and really on par with some of the better event spaces in the area so we're really excited about that as well."

Crosby says the facility and the course will both open up on April 4.

"We are planning on opening at the same time," he continued. "The majority of courses around here looks like they're opening a little bit earlier, we've postponed that a little bit so that we can have at least most of the interior renovations completed for when everything is ready to go."

The course on Howard Avenue was put up for sale and purchased by Crosby's Coachwood Capital group earlier this year after the old owner retired.


- with files from AM800's The Morning Drive