Former LaSalle Mayor Passes Away


A former mayor of the Town of LaSalle has passed away.

Bill Varga died early Monday morning at the age of 90.

He spent 33-years in politics holding a number of positions including mayor and deputy mayor.

Affectionately referred to as 'Senator Bill', current LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy says Bondy was a well respected individual.

"He was honourable, he was an honest man, he was a servant to our community for 33 years in the township of Sandwich West, prior to it becoming a town of LaSalle," says Mayor Bondy.  "I can tell you that every politician I speak to, whether it be locally here or at county, they have nothing but great things to say about Bill Varga."

Varga was first elected in 1974.  He retired in 2010.

Former LaSalle Mayor Vince Marcotte remembers carpooling with Varga. 

"Bill and I, we would drive up a lot together to go to county council, but we didn't often agree on everything but the nice part was that we would go home and we would talk about other things," says Varga.

The library in LaSalle is named after him — the Bill Varga Branch.