Former Windsor Woman Describes Living in Italy as Scary

A former Windsor woman, now living in Italy is calling the COVID-19 pandemic "scary as hell."
Speaking on AM800's Dan MacDonald Show, Silvana Berlingieri-Terrinoni told listeners grocery stores are open and only five people are allowed inside but they have to be wearing a mask and gloves.
In 1991, she moved to Italy, about 60km away from Rome but since the pandemic, she hasn't left her home in 10 days.
Berlingieri-Terrinoni says being quarantined isn't the scary part —what is scary is what is going on outside the home.
"Death tolls have been quite high," she says. "Just two days ago we lost 793 people within 24 hours and the saddest part is that these people have to die alone and they are buried alone by the italian military."
She wants Windsorites to respect social distancing as both the young and old are dying.
"The majority of people are elderly people who do have health conditions, but there are 30 year old people, 24 year old people who are dying who don't have health conditions, this is not a simple virus and this is not a joke."
Italy has the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus with more than 6,800 people dying.