Four Super Bowl Babies Welcomed to Windsor


Most people have to wait awhile to be able to declare "babies first Super Bowl," but not at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Four new arrivals were born at the hospital's Met Campus on football’s holiest of days, Super Bowl Sunday. For the sixth year Windsor Regional celebrated by handing each newborn their very own crocheted football cocoon.

Travis and Devon Boomer's son Beau might have his destiny set if dad has anything to say about it.

"Little Beau Boomer, he has no choice, he's an athlete already. He was born into it and 02/02/2020 so, it's a good date of birth too," says Travis. "It's awesome. He's got his little football sack here. He's nice and snug and as long as he's nice and warm we're happy," he added.

Nick Garant and his wife welcomed their second son into the world, Larkin.

He says Larkin will never forget he's a Super Bowl baby.

"We're going to keep all the pictures and hopefully show it to him at his wedding when he's older," jokes Garant.

Ammoura Golden was also brought into the world Sunday, and the Lenson family hadn't decided on a name for their baby girl, but it's coming soon.

Tune into TSN for the Super Bowl LIV match up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransico 49's at 6:30pm.