Fourth Times a Charm for Local Couple


It took four different dates but a local couple is now married.

"Planning a wedding is always stressful but it was another curve ball thrown our way and I'm glad we came out well on the other side of it," says groom, Kevin Masaro, who was originally set to get married last September.

Masaro says due to the COVID-19 pandemic and some restrictions in place, he and his bride Melissa, decided to move their wedding to November 2020 but that didn't work either so they decided to get married on April 3.

Masaro says everything was set until the province announced its latest shutdown beginning on April 3, adding some tears were shed but that's when his father-in-law suggested the two get married on April 2.

Masaro says from there it was all hands on deck and they started to call their vendors and guests to see if the second was possible.

"Luckily it was a holiday which kind of worked in our favour big time because the vendors that we had set up didn't have anything planned for Good Friday as well as our guests we had coming to the wedding," says Masaro.

He says there were still a number of challenges and the day before the wedding was extremely busy.

"We had a tent service, porta john service, I feel like my fiance was on the phone literally all day Thursday coordinating everything and I was kind of running around trying to get things physically done at the venue where we were having it," says Masaro.       

The original wedding was planned for 300 people but with the restrictions, the list was cut down to 50.

"We did a 25 person session during the day for our ceremony and we had a little reception with them and then at night, we had our wedding party and their significant others which worked out to another 25 people," says Masaro.  "So we were able to kind of spread the day out and celebrate with as many people as possible even though it wasn't the amount we would have liked."