Francis Stands By Roseland Curling Cancellation


The chair of the board at Roseland Golf and Curling Club is responding to frustration over the decision to cancel the upcoming curling season.

Fred Francis, who is also the city councillor for Ward 1, says it was obviously a tough decision and was something the board debated at length, over the course of a few meetings.

"In light of COVID19, in light of a global pandemic, in light of entering the heart of cold and flu season, the level of uncertainty was great and the board did the best they could."

In his opinion, Francis says some of the e-mails and calls that board members are receiving are bordering on intimidation and bullying.

"As the chair of the board, I have to take that into consideration and if anybody has any questions, if anyone has any concerns I'd ask to please direct them my way, I'd be more than happy to answer them," he says. "There's no need to try to intimidate or bully board members just because they disagree with the decision that was made."

Francis says he stands by the decision.

"Knowing that as a result of that decision, moving into fold and flu season and into the winter months, as a result of the decision the board made, no one will get sick due to COVID at Roseland curling and nothing worse will happen as a result of that."

The curling season at Roseland was officially cancelled last week.

As you've been hearing on AM800 News, local curlers have planned a rally for Saturday, October 3 at Roseland Golf and Curling Club beginning at noon.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi