Freeland talks childcare, economy and vaccination in Windsor campaign stop


A key piece in the leadership circle for the Liberal Party of Canada has stopped in Windsor to lay out the party's plans for the upcoming election.

Incumbent MP for Toronto University-Rosedale Chrystia Freeland stopped at the University of Windsor to meet with local candidates Thursday.

The deputy prime minister and minister of finance for the former Liberal government also met with local labour leaders.

Freeland pledged federal investment in new green industries like electric vehicle manufacturing and technology to help Windsor's economy evolve.

"That has been the central subject I've been discussing with union, business, academics and community leaders," she says. "This is something that will not happen by accident. It will not happen without meaningful, thoughtful government investment and that is what we've put forward in our platform."

Windsor Assembly Plant has been idled repeatedly by a shortage of semi conductors on the other side of the world.

She says the Liberal's are aware of the breaks in the supply chain and will advocate for more partnerships closer to home.

"There needs to be more of an emphasis on resilience in supply chains. A dependence on the Just in Time supply chains that are very stretched out around the world creates real risks and vulnerabilities," she says.

If elected, Freeland says the Liberals will continue to advocate for the COVID-19 vaccine.

"The reality around getting vaccinated, is that is a choice that effects everyone around us," she says. "By getting vaccinated, we make a return to normal life possible for everyone."

Freeland also focused on the Liberal promise of affordable childcare across the nation.

She said the program that would reduce daily childcare costs to $10 per day per child is key for Windsor and all Canadians struggling to make ends meet.