Fresh Snow Foils Break in Suspects Getaway in Chatham-Kent


Some fresh powder didn't scare a pair of would-be thieves from plying their trade in Chatham-Kent over the weekend.

Chatham-Kent police were called to Bates Line in Morpeth Sunday morning after an alarm was set off at a nearby home.

Police say they arrived to find the garage had been broken into. 

The trail may have been cold, but officers were quickly hot on the heels of two suspects who left tracks in the fresh snow.

According to police, officers followed the tracks for nearly an hour and a half, finding discarded items along the way, before locating two men, one of whom had a recognizance with a curfew condition.  

Chatham-Kent police continue to investigate as several other break and enters were discovered in the immediate area.  

Both men are facing several charges, according to police.