Funding Boost Coming to Improve Accessibility Across Windsor-Essex


Some big bucks coming to Windsor-Essex to improve accessibility for those with disabilities.

Thanks to the federal government's Enabling Accessibility Fund, $557,000 will be split between 11 projects across the region which include the installation of items such as ramps, automatic doors and accessible washrooms.

Windsor-Tecumseh MP Irek Kusmierczyk says the smallest improvement can be life changing for someone with a disability.

"Those little changes can have a huge impact on allowing Canadians with disabilities in our community to access programs, to engage with organizations better and to create a barrier-free Canada and to empower Canadians with disabilities," he says.

Kusmierczyk says it's all about lending a hand to small organizations in need of a boost.

"It's just tremendous to see the work that's being done at the grassroots level. Organizations are really stepping up and acknowledging and recognizing some of the barriers and physical barriers of their operations in their buildings and partnering with the federal government to break those barriers down. It's absolutely huge," he says.

Kusmierczyk says a highlight is a new arts centre in Walkerville.

"This is the old Monarch Mattress in Walkerville. So they are converting that space to a Walkerville arts centre. It's going to have a small theatre in there and this funding to going to be leveraged to make sure that the building is accessible. People of all abilities are going to be able to participate in this Walkerville arts centre," he adds.

The funding announcement came Monday to kick off National Access Ability Week across Canada.