Funding boost to support WEST of Windsor program

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A funding boost to help support a program provided by Women's Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor.

TD Bank is providing $10,000 through the TD Ready Commitment grant for the Financial Security through Networking, Mentoring and Training Project.

WEST is able to offer newcomer women access to tools and training that will result in building skills and confidence leading towards financial empowerment.

Britney Pinell, Program Lead/Industry Placement Specialist with WEST, says the funding lets WEST provide training through three components.

"Financial Literacy course, networking and training events, and also through a mentoring component."

She says the project is all about creating financial security.

"Part of being financially secure is being employed. So at WEST we provide training to newcomer women help them build their professional skills, their networks and definitely connect with professionals in the community that can mentor them."

Pinell says, with the participants being new to Canada, there are some gaps to fill and this programs works to help with that.

"We have around 50 participants that have participated in the training so far. The project is until the end of our fiscal year, which is March 31, so there are more participants that will benefit through this training."

The project also offers participants opportunities to attend a Financial Literacy Course, Networking Training and Events, and Mentoring sessions with local entrepreneurs and leaders in the Windsor-Essex community.