Funding to complete sculpture of music industry pioneer Rosalie Trombley has been approved

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Funding to complete a sculpture to honour music industry pioneer Rosalie Trombley has been approved. 

During Monday night's meeting, Windsor council voted unanimously to approve to use interest from the City's Art Endowment Fund to help pay for the Rosalie Tribute. 

Council has agreed to provide $100,000 to complete the bronzing of the sculpture.


Photo courtesy: City of Windsor

Trombley, known as 'the girl with the golden ear,' launched the careers of many rock bands and musicians as music director of CKLW The Big 8. The pioneer in Canadian radio broadcasting passed in November 2021 at the age of 82.

During the council meeting, Trombley's family spoke lovingly about their mother's accomplishments. 

Tim Trombley, Rosalie's son, says his mother was wonderful at her profession, and she deserves to be remembered.

"And so I think mom is certainly very, very much deserving of this honour, and this statue that is being considered right now."

He says his mother truly was a legend. 

"It would not be an overstatement on my part to say that my mom, our mom, is really a legend when it comes to the history of AM Talk 40 radio in North America."

Ward 1 councillor, Fred Francis, said he was in favour of completing the sculpture of Trombley. 

He says by building statues, and displaying sculptures, the stories of those who had impact in the community come to light.

"Windsor's a community of champions, and those champions existed throughout the decades and throughout the different eras. And by us moving forward in this way, allows us to tell our story. It allows us to tell our story to those that visit our city, but perhaps more importantly it allows us to tell our stories to those that live in the city."

The unveiling of the sculpture is scheduled on Rosalie's birthday, September 18, 2023.


Photo courtesy: City of Windsor