Future Still Unknown for Some Windsor Assembly Plant Workers


It's a somber day for workers at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

Friday marked the end of the third shift at the plant after 27 years of operation.

Buyout and retirement packages were offered and approximately 700 workers took the offer.

It's still unknown how many workers will be laid off but Unifor Local 444 says between 1300 and 1400 workers are impacted by the elimination of the midnight shift.

Nathan Prindler has worked at the plant for two and a half years.

He still has not heard if he will be laid off but is scheduled to report to work on Monday.

"It's still up in the air at this point but I only have 135 people below me so it seems likely that I will be laid off," says Prindler.  "There's still no indication of what's coming down yet so it's going to be week by week essentially," says Prindler. 

He says working at the Windsor Assembly Plant was a dream job for him.

"My father, he first started when the midnight shift first began in December of 1993 and last night I just worked the last midnight shift so I always wanted to follow in his footsteps to be able to just have a home, to provide for a family," says Prindler. 

The two shift operation at the assembly plant begins on Monday.

Area feeder plants are also impacted by the elimination of the third shift.

Unifor Local 444, Local 200 and Local 195 represent workers at those facilities.