Gary McNamara sees Automobility Hub as a great opportunity


As the first Automobility Hub in Canada makes its way to Windsor and Essex County, Essex County Warden Gary McNamara believes it as a great opportunity for the community. 

The hub launched on Wednesday, (November 24) at St. Clair College and intends to promote and encourage high paying tech jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation in the automotive field.

McNamara says this is the future of the automotive industry.

"This use to be the automotive capital of Canada and now its the automobility capital.  The potential is enormous and all of those partnerships, we've seen a lot of them here today, both the city and the county are 100 per cent on behind this project." 

Mcnamara says this is a great learning tool for local schools. 

"This is a tremendous opportunity for our centres of excellence like the University of Windsor and St. Clair College and to develop the next generation of engineers and technicians and bring in this electrification of vehicles to reality. Not only to our region but to our province and certainly to the country." 

He says this will attract new people to the area.

"It creates a real buzz, not only here but in the region. Its about bringing investment into the region. There's an old saying, if you build it they will come and this is the reality, we are building it and they will come."

 During the presentation representatives from Automobility Enterprises also showcased their electric e-commerce delivery van.