GECDSC launches naming survey for Kingsville's new K to 12 school


The Greater Essex County District School Board is looking to name its new K to 12 school in Kingsville.

The board launched a survey this week and is seeking community input for the name of the new $60-million school on Jasperson Drive near the Kingsville Arena.

The survey will close on October 17 and then a committee will be formed to provide suggestions to trustees.

Board spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says it's a three question survey.

"It is quite exciting to try and gather some input and get some ideas about what the community is thinking how they want their new school, the new school in their community to be reflected in other communities and it's always interesting to see the input we get from these surveys," says Scantlebury.       

He says the naming survey is a standard process for a new school.

"It's probably the first step in the naming process where we send out a survey to gauge community opinions and ideas and then a community will be struck to try and come up with some concrete suggestions that will then be taken to the board of trustees who will have the final decision," says Scantlebury.         

Scantlebury says the board has received hundreds of responses for past naming surveys.

He says some are interesting and some that are not appropriate. 

"We encourage people to use their imaginations to try and find an idea that reflects the character of their community and to think creatively in finding a name for a school," says Scantlebury.      

Trustees will make the final decision on the school's name at an upcoming board meeting.

The new school will bring together students from Jack Miner Public School, Kingsville Public School, Harrow Public School and Kingsville District High School.

Plans for the new school were first announced about six years ago.  A ground breaking ceremony took place in April 2022.

The school is expected to open in September 2024.