Gym Owner Unhappy with Health Unit's COVID-19 Alert System

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A Lakeshore gym is taking issue with the health unit's new notification system alerting residents to possible COVID-19 exposure.

Xanadu Owner David Schild says public releases are in "poor judgement" after the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit named the gym and several other unrelated businesses as a possible exposure over the weekend.

The gym was named a second time on Wednesday and centering out businesses isn't fair, according to Schild

He says there has to be more businesses out there that aren't being named.

"Every single business so there isn't a sticker shock when only a couple get named, because we know there's 2,542 infections and there's only 11 business names on the potential public exposure list on their website," says Schild

He tells AM800 News he knows the health unit is just doing its job, but maybe it can be done better.

"Our issue is only with Dr. Wasim Ahmed and Chair Gary McNamara, who have made these decisions to list these small businesses," he added.

Manager Kirstie Kipp is confursed as to how the business could be named twice in less than a week.

"Safetly has always been the protocol and that's why we're so shocked as to why some companies are nameed and some weren't when we took every singel precaution to protect or members," she added. "We wouldn't be open without them."

The health unit has also added Xaco Taco on Cabana Road East as a possible exposure to the virus on August 24 and 25 Wednesday as well.