Harrow Residents Pitching Plan to Transform Former Harrow High into Community Hub


A group of concerned Harrow residents have a plan for the former Harrow High property.

The school has been empty since 2016, but according to resident Kathy Beaudoin, the building and surrounding property still have major potential.

The group has put together a six point proposal to transform the school into a community hub, but the plan hinges on the Town of Essex purchasing the property from the public school board.

Beaudoin says Harrow lacks community programming.

"Essex Centre has all these programs that we have access to because we are Essex residents, but I know that people are hesitant. They have to drive 20 minutes, in the winter half an hour, to get to Essex to take all these courses and there's nothing offered, zero offered in Harrow. So that would be a huge bonus."

She says word is getting around and organizations are interested in moving in.

"Honestly, I think that we're going to have to maybe do a lottery to see who can get in there because we've had so much interest saying I would do this, I would do that. So there's lots of viable tenants that would go in there that would help sustain us with the cost of the building."

Beaudoin says Harrow needs this.

"When we amalgamated we felt like we lost a lot in Harrow. So I think that this is a way that we can bring our community together. I don't think the price tag will be that big. That property is so invaluable to keep to our town. The green space is huge."

The entire six point proposal can be found HERE.

Beaudoin says the group will likely present the plan to Essex council in the near future.