Harrow Woman Wants Trudeau to Apologize

AM800-News-Canadian Prime Minister-Justin Trudeau

A Harrow woman wants an apology from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Elise Harding-Davis with the African Canadian Heritage Consultant has written three letters to Trudeau since 2018, when he was prime minister,  looking for an apology to African Canadians for Canada's role in slavery.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Harding Davis says she did receive a letter from Ottawa that her letter was received, but that's it.

"After the third letter, I did get a cursory response that the letter had been received, nothing more," she says.

She points out other groups such as Italians, Chinese and Aboriginals have received an apology from the country for their treatment, so why not African Canadians. 

"African Canadians were held as chattel in this country, and we have contributed much to this country," she says. "We even had to fight to be able to fight in the World Wars to protect our country because it is our country."

Harding-Davis says the letters will continue after the federal election this month.

"My next step will be whoever gets in to office, I will be directing letters to them and any present MPs that are elected or re-elected, I will be contacting them."

 As for Trudeau's images and videos in brownface that surfaced in September, Harding-Davis called it "insulting."