HDGH could fire as many as 30 staff if they remain unvaccinated


The CEO of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is hoping staff on unpaid leave for not getting vaccinated have a change of heart.

Janice Kaffer says 30 employees where placed at a two week leave after failing to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 22.

Those employees now have until October 7 to get a shot or they'll be fired.

Kaffer says dealing with the issue has shifted her time from more pressing matters.

"It's all COVID all the time, and recently it's all vaccination, all the time. At the present time, Hotel-Dieu Grace and Windsor Regional are the two hospitals that have firm dates and have implemented the first stage of the vaccine policy," she says.

Kaffer says the majority of staff are on board with the policy.

"Hotel-Dieu Grace has 30 individuals that we had to suspend as a result of non-compliance with our health and safety policy around vaccination and we have 96% of staff and we have 100% compliance with our physician group," she adds.

Kaffer says they expect they will be required to terminate some individuals next week who do not wish to be vaccinated and they hope that some will decide to get vaccinated and come back to work.

Dani Probert, the hospital foundation's Development Assistant, tells AM800 News that she is among the 30 employees on unpaid leave.

Probert, the wife of late Detroit Red Wings star Bob Probert, has played an integral role in organizing the annual Bob Probert Ride. The event has raised more than $1.2-million in support of cardiac services at the hospital.