HDGH Postpones Four Signature Events


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the postponement of four signature events for Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare.

HDGH Foundation Executive Director Bill Marra says this year's Heart Breaker Challenge, along with the Bob Probert Ride, the Big Night Gala and the inaugural Regional Children's Centre Beach Soccer Event have all been postponed to 2021.

"Clearly when you look at the precautions that are necessary to protect each other, having events  place that require significant congregate gathering simply doesn't work," says Marra.

He says it was not an easy decision but the foundation and its partners felt like it was a necessary one due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

According to Marra, money raised from the events will not jeopardize any projects but there will be delays.

"It creates delays, it won't cancel anything, it won't eliminate projects or services and where there's a need, we'll find a way to bridge our own financial needs," he says.

Marra says the foundation spoke to affected families, organizing committees, sponsors and stakeholders before making a final decision.

"It was disappointing but really an unanimous decision that we simply clear the slate for 2020, focus on getting through the pandemic and also revisit dates for 2021 and that's exactly what we've done," says Marra.

The signature events impacted include the following:

  • The Heart Breaker Challenge has been rescheduled for Saturday May 29th, 2021
  • The Bob Probert Ride has been rescheduled for Sunday June 27th, 2021
  • The Big Night Gala has been rescheduled for Friday November 12th, 2021
  • The Regional Children's Centre Inaugural Beach Soccer Event has been postponed to July 2021

In addition, a new fund has been established to directly help HDGH mobilize to respond to the fast-evolving needs resulting from the COVID-19 virus.

You can donate directly to these efforts and select COVID-19 as the area to support.