HDGH Receives Thousands of Pieces of PPE


A donation of more than 20,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been made to Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) in Windsor.

Two volunteers from Toronto Foundation's Healthcare Heroes Fund, hand-delivered the PPE late last week.

"The Healthcare Heroes Fund is committed to supporting the incredible efforts of our healthcare workers.” said Volunteer, Kayla Benjamin. “These individuals are risking their health to fight this pandemic, and it is so important that they have access to the equipment they need to stay safe.”

The donation to HDGH included a supply of 20,000 disposable masks, 4,000 pairs of Nitrile Gloves and 600 Level 2 Gowns. 

"Our supply of PPE, although monitored very closely, was a concern in the beginning months of the pandemic as it was for many hospitals across the province," said Janice Kaffer, HDGH President and CEO. "While we continue to monitor and be appropriate stewards of our PPE supply, it is encouraging that support such as the Healthcare Heroes Fund exists to ensure our HDGH staff remain healthy and safe. The supply received today will be used in our continued effort to maintain the health, safety and wellness of our patients, staff and community."

All PPE received through the fund is hospital-grade and adhere to specifications set out by Health Canada.