Head of Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare 'Worried' About ICU COVID-19 Cases


The head of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in Windsor is worried about capacity levels in Intensive Care Unit's across Ontario as we head into Easter weekend.

President and CEO Janice Kaffer tweeted on Tuesday "be worried people - I am. It’s getting bad and ICU capacity is not good - this 3rd wave is deadly in ways we haven't seen yet. Stay home. Stay masked. Get the vaccine as soon as you can."

She told AM800's The Morning Drive that there is growing concern across the province about the number of very sick individuals that are coming into acute care hospitals and going into the ICU.

Kaffer points out these patients are also younger than during the second wave and her level of worry is "high" as we head into Easter weekend and people look to get together.

"Easter weekend is always a weekend where family, faith and gathering together is part of people's traditions," says Kaffer.  "My level of worry is high."

She says there are variants spreading across the province.

"Those variants are much more transmissible and they're hitting that younger population," she says.  "I think that younger population has in some ways, that 45 to 60-year-olds, they've felt that's not a problem they have to worry about."

The latest Critical Care Services Ontario report shows 421 patients in intensive care units, the highest figure at one time since the pandemic began.

There are four people in the ICU in Windsor-Essex receiving care for the virus.