Health unit asking area businesses to implement COVID-19 vaccination policy


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has implemented a COVID-19 vaccination policy for its staff.

"I'm proud to announce today that our team at the health unit will be joining other community leaders and health services like our municipalities, hospital and post secondary institutions by implementing our own vaccination policy for our staff, says health unit CEO Nicole Dupuis.  

She says the health unit is also encouraging area businesses to implement their own COVID-19 vaccination policy for staff and customers.

"This includes for public settings including in that policy of vaccination verification process for patrons of non essential services," she says.  

Dupuis says businesses need to protect the health and safety of their workers and the community they serve.

"Whether you're in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, agriculture or public sector, instituting a vaccination policy for your staff is the best way to protect your workforce from COVID-19 and ensure the ongoing operations of your business," says Dupuis.     

She adds it was an easy decision for the health unit to implement a policy.

"As we find ourselves in the fourth wave of the pandemic, maintaining the health and safety of our workforce is critical to ensure that we can continue to provide essential public health services for our community," she says.  "Even more important is maintaining the health and well-being of our vulnerable clients and ensuring we are protected from bringing this virus home to our families and contributing to spread." 

Dupuis says the health unit has a section on its website outlining a COVID-19 vaccination policy for workplaces.

She says the health unit will also work with businesses to host a mobile vaccination clinic on site at their workplace.