Health Unit Begins COVID-19 Vaccination Program for 80 and Over Population


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has started to vaccinate seniors who are 80 and over at the WFCU Centre in Windsor.

Health unit CEO Theresa Marentette says vaccinations began at 10am Monday morning for 148 individuals.

She says it's been a smooth process and is pleased with how the first few hours have gone but is reminding the the public, individuals must pre-register for the targeted appointment based vaccinations.

"It is appointment only," she says.  "We've tried to make sure people are aware of that.  We're answering a lot of phone calls tell everyone it is by appointment."      

Marentette says the health unit is currently booking vaccinations into Thursday.

"We did work through the weekend to try and fill as many appointments as possible," says Marentette.  "So people got called for today's session, people got called up until yesterday as well so there were people working all weekend to fill all of the spots."  

She says when individuals are called for their appointment, they must accept the time given to them or they go back into the system.

"There's no kind of ability to schedule a different appointment," she says.  "We're going on to the next person if they're not ready or able to receive their appointment so I think that's happened a couple times where people have pre-registered but the appointment has not coincided with what they would like."

The health unit is administering the vaccine to six people, every 15 minutes.

Betty Ing was the first person randomly selected to receive the vaccine.

A second vaccination site will be up and running next Monday in Leamington.