VIDEO: Health Unit Calls for Marketing Ban on Vaping Products


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is asking the provincial government to amend the Smoke Free Ontario Act.

Director of Health Promotion Nicole Dupuis says the health unit wants the province to ban the promotion of vaping products in retail settings and online.

She says the health unit is also calling on the province to ban flavour vaping products.

Dupuis says the current Smoke-Free Ontario Act went into effect last October and it allows for vaping products to be marketed and promoted.

"They actually allowed for the sale and promotion and marketing of vaping products," says Dupuis.  "So that's why when you go to a convenience store or a gas station you see product marketing on gas pumps or posters outside, you don't see that for tobacco but you do see it for vaping because it's allowed under the current act."

Dupuis tells AM800 News the promotion of vaping products has to stop.

"They're not banned now," says Dupuis.  "The Smoke-free Ontario Act allows vaping products to be sold, our recommendation that our board passed doesn't ban the sale of vaping products, the recommendation was to ban the promotion and marketing of vaping products."

Dupuis says tobacco products and vaping products must have the same rules.

"This recommendation in fact literally asks them to apply the same rules to vaping, remove the promotion," says Dupuis.  "So don't allow the promotion and marketing of vaping products as well the flavour ban, there is a flavour banned for tobacco and the rational behind that is, it is a more attractive flavours to youth."     

The local health unit board received a vaping update at its meeting on Thursday.

The board heard, 25 charges have been issued by Tobacco Enforcement Officers to local high school students for vaping.    

11 charges were also issued to vaping product vendors for selling vapour products to a person under the age of 19.