Health Unit Updates Order for Migrant Workers, Employers


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is updating its order for migrant workers and employers.

The original order was issued on June 12 and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid felt it was time to update the document.

"We needed to add a few additional points for clarity and as I said, most of the farm owners and operators are already doing that but we wanted to make sure that its written and documented, the expectation is very clear so when we are there requesting some of the documentation, we want to make sure that it is there."

Accordin to Dr. Ahmed, workers are also still expected to work exclusively at one farm.

"Make sure employees working on the farm are cohorted, maintain 2 metre physical distancing form others and use appropriate PPE as needed, if employees reside together they should also work together," he adds.

Still included in the updated order, is for workers to self-isolate for 14 days when they arrive in Canada with some responsibilities for the employer.

"Ensure the provision of water, food, laundry services and cleaning for workers in isolation is available," says Dr. Ahmed. "Notify the WECHU of any worker that develops symptoms during quarantine, make sure that workers subject to the 14 day isolation period do not work on the farm or any other farm and notify the WECHU if the worker leaves the isolation location for any reason."

Among the updates, employers are to conduct at minimum, daily screening for symptoms and exposure history and keep a record - that could be requested by the health unit at any time.