Heat Wave Expected to Stick Around Until Friday


Blistering heat has been plaguing southern Ontario for the past few days with a stretch of the province under a heat advisory.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says parts of Ontario and Quebec are experiencing Florida-like weather thanks to a high pressure air mass over the southern United States driving hot air into Canada.

He says it's been quite the flip-flop.

"It was only two weeks ago that we had snow and cold temperatures an winter-like weather and then suddenly, wow, it has just changed to dramatically pretty quickly. On the 10th of May, three centimetres of snow in Windsor."

Kimbell says this heat warning is unique.

"Now we're actually probably a little bit shy of our criteria, but the heat warning is valuable regardless because of it coming in so soon after the cold weather a couple weeks ago and, of course, with the COVID complications."

He says we're getting a bit of a "compressed" spring season.

"We're really seeing roller coaster weather. Two weeks ago was cold and even some snow and then up to 30-degrees. Spring in two weeks. Basically going from winter to summer in two weeks. That's pretty much a good way to describe it."

According to Environment Canada, the heat wave will stick around Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures hovering around the 30-degree mark — a cold front is expected to roll in Friday delivering some relief to southern Ontario heading into the weekend.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides