Heavy Rains Flood Windsor Regional Hospital Campuses, Again


Windsor Regional Hospital is dealing with flooding at both campuses after a storm over the weekend.

The hospital is still assessing the damage from Saturday night's downpour that caused flooding in the same locations as a storm on July 16.

Manager of Corporate Communications Steve Erwin says the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at downtown Windsor, Ont's Ouellette Campus will remain closed.

"We were hoping to reopen Monday, unfortunately, that has to be delayed a little bit longer because of some additional flooding," he added.

Erwin says the lab will continue to be vulnerable to flooding until they can get it out of the basement — but there's no where else to put it.

"It's a problem. It's an older facility and a patient service like the Cardiac Catheterization Lab really shouldn't be in the corner of a basement in an old building, but that's the infrastructure we have to work with until we get a new facility," he says. 

Met Campus saw flooding in Diagnostic Imaging, the Emergency Department, and the kitchen, according to Erwin.

"The Emergency Department at Met Campus is located on a slope, so water tends to pool and get into the lobby area. Same with Diagnostic Imaging ... it's on the basement level," he says. "Those areas are vulnerable to flooding, but luckily our staff helped them relatively quickly and patient services aren't impacted."

Erwin says any emergencies requiring the Cardiac Catheterization Lab continue to be directed to either Detroit or London, Ont.

The damage as the assessment is still underway, but Erwin says it's safe to say the hospital will be spending thousands of dollars for the repairs.