Help Wanted Sign Up at Essex Fire and Rescue


If you live in the Town of Essex and are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, this story is for you.

Essex Fire and Rescue is currently accepting applications for all three stations.

Fire Chief Rick Arnel says the three stations are located in Essex, Harrow and Gesto.

"We got some information out there so you want to be a firefighter, we like people to come and be part of our team here in Essex," says Arnel.  

He says the applicants will go through a lengthy educational process, adding "But at the end of the day, they'll be certified firefighters in the province of Ontario and we're pretty proud that our department is working towards that."

Arnel says he's pleased with the number of applicants so far, but is hoping for more.

"We'd like to give everybody an opportunity to have a chance to be apart of our team and diversity is what we're looking for right," he says. "That's the name of the game today and we really like to be a more diverse fire service."  

Interested applicants must live in the town, have access to a vehicle to respond to alarms and training sessions.

Applications will be accepted until February 7th.