Hiatus House Partners with Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation


The Hiatus House of Windsor has announced a partnership with the Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation. 

The Zekelman Foundation has agreed to partner as the Platinum sponsor, giving them naming rights of the housing initiative.

Pending approval for the project, the funding will see construction of a new six-story, 40 unit transitional housing unit in Windsor-Essex.

Sylvie Guenther, Executive Director of the Hiatus House, says she's thrilled and hopeful for approval so that women and their children have a safe space following domestic abuse situations. 

Guenther says what this could signify for women who seek support at the Hiatus House.

"So this means that they will have housing, supported housing, for up to two years, and we're working with our community partners to try to put together a plan to be able to best support women in these units."

 Sylvie Guenther, Executive Director of the Hiatus House, says how the housing units could help women seeking assistance following domestic abuse situations.

"This will give us the opportunity to provide interim housing while women come out of the abusive relationship, get themselves established, and we'll be teaching skills, we'll be providing some trauma counselling."

Sylvie Guenther, Executive Director of the Hiatus House, says the housing opportunity could mean more support to women becoming independent after a violent encounter.

"A lot of these women, not all of them, but many of them have not had the opportunity to hold the money, to understand what it means to budget, and pay bills. They've not been grocery shopping or doing some of these daily tasks."

 Upon approval, the new building will be named as Hiatus House-The Zekelman Campus. It will be located at 245 Louis Avenue, directly across from the current Hiatus House location.

Funding is still needed to reach a $675,000 target for the initiative.