High Emergency Room Stats Due to Unnecessary Visits, Spike in Car Crashes


Windsor Regional Hospital attributes a busy emergency department to unnecessary visits and a higher than normal amount of vehicle crashes.

Chief of Staff Wassim Saad spoke to AM800 News at the hospital's most recent board of directors meeting.

He says the post-holiday season is usually busy for emergency departments, but Windsor Regional Hospital is reporting higher than normal volumes.

Saad says the surge is mostly due to people showing up with the flu or the common cold, neither of which are an emergency and don't have a cure.

"A lot of these symptoms are self-resolving and they do not need to come to the emergency room for flu like symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, and stuffy head," he says.

He's encouraging residents to consider other options like visiting a family doctor or heading to a clinic, especially when seeking a doctor's note.

"Unless they develop severe chest pain, a prolonged fever, are not able to keep food and drink down, there really is no need to seek medical attention as the flu and most of these viral infections are self-resolving."

With a lack of snowy weather so far this year, Saad tells AM800 News the increase in automotive traumas wasn't expected.

"Whenever you do have a trauma it's all-hands-on-deck. There's multiple physicians that sometimes have to attend to the trauma, several nurses are brought in as well, labs, diagnostic imaging, a lot of resources are taken up when a trauma comes in because most of the time it is a life-threatening situation," he added.

Saad says notes excusing people from work for a minor illness are not a service emergency departments provide.

Wait times are posted regularly on the hospital's website.