High Winds Could Cause Shoreline Damage


A couple of windy days has resulted in a watershed statement from the Essex Region and Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority's.

Officials say the winds could cause higher water along shorelines.

The forecast includes wind speeds between 30 and 50 kilometres an hour with gusts to 70 kilometres an hour from the east - northeast overnight and through Thursday. 

Waves on Lake Erie are predicted to reach 1.5 to 2 m in height.

The wind swings to the south by Friday.

Shorelines including Pelee Island will be impacted by the elevated water.

Officials are concerned that wave action could damage breakwalls and the shoreline and cause flooding in low lying areas. 

People should take extra caution and avoid the shoreline should conditions get rough. The waves can be strong and the shoreline slippery. 

There could also be hazardous debris within the waves and water which could be thrown onto the shoreline. 

Children and pets should be kept away from the water.