Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery to Produce Hand Sanitizer


A local distillery is joining the fight in the spread against COVID-19.

Hiram Walker & Sons in Windsor has announced it will be producing hand sanitizer. The historic distillery typically distils 180,000 litres of alcohol every day, but on Thursday will be adding hand sanitizer to its production line.

“The health and safety of our employees and our communities is our top priority,” says says Patrick O’Driscoll, Chief Executive Officer of parent company, Corby.  “In times like this, it is important that everyone, especially companies with strong Canadian roots, like ours, prioritize good corporate citizenship and step up in the name of the greater good. I am glad that we were able to form this public/private partnership and repurpose our spirits production facilities to meet a pressing need.”

The sanitizer will be donated where needed in Windsor, and to the TTC in Toronto.