Hiram Walker Statue Unveiling Delayed


A $400,000 statue of Hiram Walker may be kept in storage a little longer than expected because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city was hoping to unveil the eight foot bronze statue at the corner of Riverside Drive and Devonshire Road in a roundabout this summer, but Mayor Drew Dilkens says given the pandemic and the workload in the park's department, he admits, it is not a priority.

"There are so many things going on in the park's department, just making sure the grass is cut and that we are trying to get students in to help," he says. "As passionate as I am about seeing this happen and as much as I want to see it happen, I have to admit this isn't a top priority as we sort through the COVID-19 issues that we are experiencing."

The statue was originally supposed to be unveiled in July but Dilkens says that’s not likely to happen now.

"If we can't get it up this year then the goal would be for July of 2021, in honour of his birthday or when it makes sense,”

According to Dilkens, the statue portrays a younger Hiram Walker, holding plans under his arms with his hat on and walking with passion to build the Walkerville community.

Dilkens adds the city of Windsor would be a shadow of itself without the contribution of Hiram Walker.