Horwath proposes zero emissions vehicle strategy for Ontario


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is proposing a zero emissions vehicle strategy to support Ontario's auto sector.

During a stop in Windsor on Thursday, Horwath promised that an NDP government would invest in retooling auto plants in Ontario to design, manufacture and assemble electric vehicles.

She also says they would introduce incentives to help people switch to electric and increase electric vehicle sales to 100 per cent of all new auto sales in Ontario by 2035.

"We're going to make Ontario a global leader in electric vehicles. We're going to fight for every job we have and attract thousands more by making Ontario a big player in the auto industry of the future," says Horwath.

She says her party is committed to making investments in the auto industry.

"We're here to say, we will never stop fighting for auto jobs in this province," says Horwath.  "We are never going to stop fighting to keep those good jobs here and to create the auto industry of the future.  That's something we can and will do."         

She says there's a lot of transformation and transition that needs to happen.

"If we are going to have the opportunity to keep these good jobs in our communities with the transition into electric vehicles then we need to be there with companies, with workers, with a strategy to ensure that these jobs and vehicles of the future are manufactured and developed here in our province," says Horwath.        

Horwath also believes it's time for a government to introduce an auto strategy that will secure the future of Ontario's auto industry.

On Oct. 15, Stellantis announced the Windsor assembly plant will move to one shift, with the second shift ending in April 2022, eliminating 1,800 jobs.

Horwath says her heart goes out to the workers and also to the community.

"I think it's really important to acknowledge not only the impact that this is going to have currently but how that might impact actually generations to come," she says.

Premier Doug Ford said during a stop in Windsor on Monday that the provincial and federal governments will be making a "huge" investment in Windsor to help ramp up production after Stellantis announced the job cuts.

The 43rd Ontario general election will be held on or before June 2, 2022.



With files from Rusty Thomson